A Chinese Coh-Metrix and Its Application

Bor-Chen Kuo
Dean, College of Education
Distinguished Professor, Graduate Institute of Educational Information and Measurement
National Taichung University of Education, Taichung, Taiwan 

This presentation introduces research on the development, validation, and application of a Chinese Coh-Metrix system. English Coh-Metrix system, which analyzes texts on multiple measures of language and discourse, has been developed and applied for over ten years. Many studies show that English Coh-Metrix is a powerful tool to analyze student writing and conversation. 
A Chinese Coh-Metrix system was developed based on the similar concept of English Coh-Metrix to provide teachers and educators a useful tool to select appropriate text for Chinese primary students and to develop Chinese AutoTutor.  Over sixty measures are constructed based the characteristics of Chinese language with the Chinese children corpus for primary school children. Eight factors were extracted out of the original 60+ measures, namely Narrativity, Referential Cohesion, Word Complexity, Word Diversity, Syntactic Complexity, Verb Cohesion, Lexical Difficulty, and Syntactic Coherence.  Moreover, the relationship between PIRLS 4 Processes of reading comprehension and the 8 factors were also examined. In addition, a Chinese AutoTutor for sentence learning and construction was also developed with some Chinese Coh-Metrix measures. The experimental results showed that students’ learning effects between teacher instruction and AutoTutor were not significantly different.