Invited Speakers

The following is a list of confirmed invited speakers (in alphabetical order). Titles and abstracts of the invited presentations will be provided when available.
  • Ryan Baker:  Columbia University, USA
        Research in Discussion Forums in the MOOC Big Data in Education (Abstract)
  • Zhiqiang CaiThe University of Memphis, USA:
        Coh-Metrix: An Advanced Tool for Text Evaluation (Abstract)
  • Simon Dennis, University of New Castle, Australia
    What Corpus Linguistics can Learn from Neuroscience (Abstract)
  • Art Graesser, The University of Memphis, USA and University of Oxford, UK
        Assessments through Computer Analyses of Language, Discourse, and Conversation
  • Bor-Chen Kuo, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan
        A Chinese Coh-Metrix and Its Application (Abstract)
  • Ping LiPennsylvania State University, USA: 
        Brain Networks, Language Learning, and Big Data: 
        Individual Differences and Neuroplasticity Revealed
  • Dekang LinGoogle, USA: 
        Mining Lexical Knowledge from Unlabeled Text (Abstract)
  • Benjamin Nye, Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California, USA
        AI in Education as Distributed Services: A New Ecosystem for Education and Research
  • Robby Robson: EduWorks Corporation, USA
        Application of Semantic Analysis in Real World Applications (Abstract)